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Programmable incremental encoder Series PR90 & PR90H From 1 to 65,536 pulses Connection via USB
up to 50.000 pulses Durable & robust encoders
Incremental encoders for solid shaft or hollow shaft
Absolute Encoders
Linear Measurment - Enco Meter
Magnetic system for linear measuring
Absolute and Incremental Rotary Encoders for high precision and flexibility
miniature encoders Serie 22 Serie 26 Serie 27 Serie 28 Serie 36
NEW - Serie CM26M for a longer life

Benefit from Maimone Sensor Technologies longstanding experience !


At Maimone Sensors the customer application is always in the foreground. We develop together with our customers a custom solution that is perfectly tailored to the application even beyond standard portfolio.


Joint development, produce and distribute worldwide encoders and Industrial Sensors.


Through our years of experience and high flexibility in production and service we offer individual complete solutions - there where you need us.

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Explore the world of sensor technology

Here you can view and download the current range of Maimone sensor technology:

Maimone Encoders